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Wet Paint System

Wet paint facilities are used in many sectors such as automotive, defense, wood, glass and ceramics. While these facilities increase the aesthetic value of the products, they also increase their durability and quality. Wet paint facilities are specially designed for product quality and production capacities.

Wet Paint System

How do we do it?

Wet Paint System with High Quality and Capacity Specific to Your Needs

Professional Consulting

We conduct a detailed interview and analysis with our expert team to determine your needs.

Detailed Project Planning

According to your determined needs and expectations, we create the most suitable design for your industry and product range.

Perfect Production

According to the approved project, we produce the latest technology machines.

Custom Installation

We set up your wet paint facility and put it into operation after performing the necessary tests.

Our Technology

Advanced Technology, Original Design and High Performance Wet Paint Systems

Wet Paint System
In Which Factories Is It Installed?

Automotive and spare parts industry

Metal and machinery manufacturing sector

Furniture and wood industry

Construction industry

Glass industry

Aviation industry


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