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Paint Problems and Solutions

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Paint Problems & Solutions

Adhesion Problem After Curing

Non-Standard Color Formation at the End of Dyeing

Orange Look

Check the paint thickness and make sure it is 60-70 microns.

Oven heating speed may be slow, check the oven.

Voltage may be high, optimize.

The paint may be too reactive or too coarse; contact the paint manufacturer.

Perforation and Gas Release in Painted Film

Check the paint thickness, if the paint thickness is over 100 microns, reduce the paint thickness.

The surface to be painted may be wet, check the dryer and filters.

If you don't have an air dryer, be sure to have it installed.

It may be caused by moisture in the paint. Check the storage conditions and the humidity in the air carrying the paint.

If the material is porous, such as casting or galvanized surface, preheat the material.

Contact the paint manufacturer and ask for powder paint that has properties for surfaces with off-gassing.

Low Resistance to Chemical Substances

It may be caused by insufficient baking, check the curing temperature and time.

If the user desires resistance to solvents, contact the powder coating manufacturer and request paint that is resistant to these solvents.

Low Resistance to Corrosion

Insufficient Surface Hardness

Crater Formation

Formation of Different Thicknesses on Dyed Film

Low Impact Strength

Insufficient Powder Flow

Poor adhesion of powder to the material

Frame Effect

Back Ionization

Clumping in the Box

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