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Cardan Conveyor

Cardan conveyor is a conveyor system that is connected to each other with a chain or belt system and carries the material from one place to another. They have vibration-free movement and automatic lubrication. These conveyors are generally used to transport heavy and large materials

Cardan Conveyor

General Features

Cardan conveyors are frequently preferred in many sectors due to their low maintenance requirements and low operating costs. Offering the ideal solution for transporting light and medium weight loads. These systems are based on the method of moving the cardan chain in the x, y and z axes within the guide rails. They also attract attention with their low cost and structure suitable for precise work.

Cardan Conveyor
Equipment Features
  • Chain or belt system enables the transportation of the material.
  • The drive system moves the chain or belt.
  • The control system is used to control the speed and other parameters of the conveyor.
  • The exhaust system removes dust and other harmful substances from the conveyor.
  • Provides high carrying capacity.
  • Can transport a wide variety of materials.
  • Can be automated.
  • Requires low maintenance.
  • Provides longevity.
Technicial Specifications
  • Conveyor length varies depending on the distance the material needs to be transported.
  • Conveyor width varies depending on the width of the material.
  • Conveyor speed varies according to the speed at which the material is transported.
  • Chain or belt material varies depending on the materials to be used in the conveyor.
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