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Web Type Conveyor

A web conveyor is a conveyor that allows a continuous strip (web) of material to be passed evenly through a furnace. Heavy parts are transported by web type conveyor consisting of long-lasting bearings and cast chains. It has a large carrying capacity between 120 kg and 2 tons. These conveyors are often used in the production of food, plastic, rubber and other materials.

Web Type Conveyor

General Features

Web conveyors typically involve materials being transported on a conveyor belt. This conveyor belt usually moves between a series of machines or processing stations where the material is processed. Web type conveyors are designed according to the width and length of the material transported. Width refers to the width of the material being transported, while length refers to the overall length of the conveyor. It transports materials on a longitudinal surface. Conveyor speed can be adjusted to suit the process.

Web Type Conveyor
Equipment Features
  • The oven is the part where the material is heated and processed.
  • Conveyor belt allows the material to move within the oven
  • The control system is used to control the temperature, humidity and other parameters of the oven.
  • The exhaust system is used to remove harmful gases coming out of the oven.
  • Provides high production capacity.
  • Can be automated.
  • Requires low maintenance.
Technicial Specifications
  • Conveyor belt length varies depending on the length of the material.
  • Conveyor belt speed varies depending on the cooking time of the material.
  • The temperature inside the oven varies depending on the cooking temperature of the material.
  • The humidity inside the oven varies depending on the cooking humidity of the material.
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